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Four participants at the Black Lives Matter demonstration infected with coronavirus

Black Lives Matter

The first infection of one of the protesters was found on June 16. Now three more are infected.

Four participants at the Black Lives Matter Denmark demonstration in Copenhagen on June 7 have now been found infected with covid-19.

This is what the Danish Agency for Patient Safety writes, who has been in contact with the infected and traced their close contacts.

In addition, they write that a total of 18 passengers have been found on board a plane from Pakistan, which landed in Denmark on June 6. Four of their contacts have since been infected.

Everyone in the crowd is encouraged to test

Anette Lykke Petri, chief medical officer and managing director of the Danish Board of Patients, says that efforts are being made to stop the infection chains so that the virus does not spread further. As long as new people related to the specific events are tested positive, the infection tracking work continues.

It is still crucial that the general recommendations are also adhered to so that the infection is attacked from several sides, she says.

The first case of infection at the demonstration was found on June 16.

Here, the invitation from the Minister of Health and Social Affairs Magnus Heunicke (S) said that all participants who were in the crowd should be tested.

Demonstrated for three hours

The demonstration took place in the wake of the case of Black American George Floyd’s death, which a valet is charged with standing behind.

More than 15,000 protesters went from Østerbro to Christiansborg and were together for about three hours.

When the first case of infection was found, Magnus Heunicke could not say how many of the 15,000 protesters have been tested.

Already the day after the demonstration, Professor and Research Manager at North Zealand’s Hospital Thea Kølsen Fischer said that everyone with special disadvantages in the social circle should quarantine. On the same day , the Social Democracy called on all the 15,000 protesters to be tested.

More demonstrations across the country

Since the demonstration in Copenhagen, Black Lives Matter Denmark has also held demonstrations in Aalborg and Odense, however the number of participants was somewhat lower.

In Aalborg, the police estimated that 1000 protesters participated, while in Odense about 300 people participated.

Black Lives Matter Denmark demonstrated in Aalborg on Tuesday 9 June.

Source: nyheder.tv2.dk

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