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Corona Infected

Corona Infected Person Could Be Fined If They Refuse To State Where And Whom They Got In Contact With

Corona Infected

The police can now pay you a fine if you have been found infected with the coronavirus and do not want to disclose where you have been and who you have been in contact with.

It states in a notice of disclosure obligations related to the handling of coronavirus from May 30.

Based on the wording, there is no doubt that it can cost a fine if a coronavirus has been detected, but will not cooperate with the authorities.

– This means that the citizens who can be tested have a duty to contribute to the detection of infection by telling who they have been with and where. Failure to do so will result in a fine, says Kent Kristensen, associate professor of health law at the University of Southern Denmark.

The order states that a coronary infection can be called the authorities. Whosethe authorities in connection with infection detection will know who the infected person has been in close contact with, it should be informed.

When the authorities have information about a positive test, they can according to the rule in paragraph 2 contact the citizens concerned, and then they can ask for the necessary information, says Kent Kristensen.

Up to the board to start using
It is the Danish Agency for Patient Safety that is responsible for the detection of infection in connection with the containment of infection with coronavirus.

On Tuesday, the board stated that it is voluntary to call the authorities’ coronahotline and get help in tracing the persons with whom an infected person has been in close contact.

However, the Board now confirms that it is an opportunity to require a coronary infection to provide the information.

It’s an opportunity, but it’s not something we’ve used. This is what we can state at this time, according to the Danish Agency for Patient Safety.

However, Kent Kristensen assumes that it is something that will be put to use.

This is a rule that needs to be in place if you want to do effective infection detection. And if you want to do that tracking, it’s up to the Danish Patient Safety Agency to use it.

You can do that at any time, he says.

The order is valid for anyone who has been found infected from May 20. The rules aretemporary and is set to expire on October 31, 2020.

DR has contacted the Ministry of Health to hear under what circumstances and when the notice will be put into operation.

The ministry has not yet returned, but Health Minister Magnus Heunicke (S) yesterday posted a picture in his story on Facebook with the text:

– 11,711 trying the last Day. And only 37 of them were positive. Now infection detection is underway to crack down on the new infection chains.

It is not only the Executive Order that is new to infection detection. Today, the Folketing is considering a bill that includes proactively offering help andinstructions for infection prevention – such as voluntary isolation and contact detection.

A part of bill was also to give the authorities wider access to secret phone numbers, but that suggestion has today been dropped after criticism.

Offensive Testing Strategy
In mid-May, the Ministry of Health presented an “offensive testing strategy” after several weeks of criticism that too few were being tested for coronavirus.

The infection detection is part of the offensive testing strategy.

This means that once a person has been tested positive for coronavirus, will the authorities like to have the close contacts tested so that the infection does not spread in the community.

In the context of infection detection, positive-tested can help the hotline to detect close contacts.

It is a hotline, where Home Guard and Emergency Management sitting ready to help the infected person detect and alert those they have been in close contact with.

Over the past 14 days, however, calls to the hotline have been minor.

On Tuesday, the hotline over a period of 14 days had been in contact with 111 citizens infected with coronavirus, although 627 Danes were found infected during the period.

Source: dr.dk

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