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The National Board of Health: Children Can Play As Much As They Want And Have Sleeping Arrangements


It is no longer recommended that children play with only one or two others for as short a time as possible.

Children should play with as few others as possible – preferably only one or two friends at a time. They should play as short as possible and play with the same, so that the children do not change playmates every day.

This is how the National Board of Health’s recommendations for children’s play agreements have sounded since March 20.

But now, the National Board of Health is withdrawing its recommendations specifically on play agreements.

We have chosen to move away from these strict requirements as to who you can play with and how many you want to play with, and that you must also not have sleeping arrangements, says Maria Koch Aabel, chief consultant at the National Board of Health .

We go a little further to say that it’s more about washing hands and keeping a distance and so on, she says.

Without the guidelines, children can begin to behave much more as they usually do.

You may play with a few more friends at a time, and you may also make a sleeping arrangement. You still prefer to play outside, but you also want to do it inside, for example, if you have to play computer. But then arrange it just like you use each of your keyboards or mice, says Maria Koch Aabel.

Children must do what they usually do with their friends: Play as much as they want. Still any time outside, just remember the sink and some distance still, she adds.

Happens on the basis of low infection pressure

The guidelines for play agreements are removed, while the spread of infection in Denmark is on a downward curve.

During the first phase of the reopening of the community, where, among other things, children have returned to daycare and the smallest pupils in schools have found themselves in the classroom, the infection pressure has not exploded and is still below 1.0.

This means that the virus is under control and does not spread in the community.

We are a place right now where we are heading into a reopening of society, and we are also in relation to children and play agreements and their everyday lives, where you want to get back to as normal a life as possible, says Maria Koch Aabel.

You just have to remember that we still have some advice and some precautions to follow, so we still have this positive development. But that’s because we have a spread of infection, which is still on the way down, she adds.

It is also against this background that over the weekend the National Board of Health departed from its precautionary principle of keeping two meters away from other people. Now that recommendation is one meter.

In this connection, the National Board of Health stated that there will not be exhaustive and detailed instructions for all situations and professions, but instead called for the general advice to be followed.

In addition to staying a meter away from other people, they advise that one should remember to sneeze and cough in one’s sleeve and wash or shake hands frequently.

Source: dr.dk

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