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Copenhageners Sat Close To The Sun - Here The Police Intervenes

Copenhageners Sat Close To The Sun – Here The Police Intervenes

Copenhageners Sat Close To The Sun - Here The Police Intervenes

Police confirm that they have had to contact citizens in several places in the city.

In a video from Queen Louise’s Bridge in Copenhagen on Friday, two policemen can be seen approaching a larger group of people who have taken their seats in the first row overlooking one of the city’s lakes and the Friday sun.

For while the government has begun to open up the country more and the tones of the health authorities are becoming more and more positive, it is still not allowed to gather more than ten people.

In the video, the two officers can be heard telling the about 30 people at the benches that they should spread out, if they do not have to violate the assembly ban. They are also made aware that the police have the authority to completely prohibit access to areas whose citizens gather in larger groups.

Intervene in several places

The bridge was not the only place that the Copenhageners staged together.

I can confirm that we have been present at Queen Louise’s Bridge, just as we have been present in a number of other places in the city, says Thomas Tarpgaard, who is Deputy Police Inspector of the Copenhagen Police, to TV 2.

Although police have had to contact people several times during the day, today’s actions have not resulted in any fines.

The block (fine block ed.) Was in the pocket, but we have given instructions to some citizens and informed them that they should spread and that we will not see similar things going forward, says Thomas Tarpgaard.

Praise from the police

In fact, there are words of praise to the citizens of the capital who behave exemplarily despite the good weather.

If you as an authority can go out and praise people, then I would like to do it. There are some who need a little directions, but in our circle we experience very few problems with people who violate the assembly ban, says Thomas Tarpgaard.

At the end of March, with a new emergency law , police were allowed to prohibit access to specific areas where more than ten people are suspected to be gathering.

It can be Queen Louise’s Bridge, playgrounds or outdoor sports facilities.

With the new law, for example, the police will be able to prohibit access solely on the assumption that a group will gather at the site where, with the previous law, they could only intervene when there was a specific assembly on the site.

Source: nyheder.tv2.dk

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