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Driving Schools Can Open Again, But: ‘I’m Afraid We’re A Really Big Source Of Infection’

Driving Schools

As of Monday, the driving schools may open again, but not everyone is sure they will.

That should be good news when you are allowed to reopen your business these days.

And many driving instructors are also looking forward to starting the business again already on Monday, as a recently landed political agreement allows.

But there is also concern to track. This is stated by Marianne Heimdal, who is the Danish Driving Teacher Union’s regional representative in East Jutland.

There are so many uncertainties. How do we get covered for this infection and what do the guidelines look like? I don’t know if I’ll open on Monday. I need something more from the health authorities and the National Police, says Marianne Heimdal.

I’m afraid we are a really big source of infection if things go wrong and we get them into driving school, she says.

Concerned and nervous

That concern is shared by Malene Nygaard Christensen, chair of the driving instructors in Vejle.

We have obviously wanted to open, but we are also a bit worried and nervous and are awaiting some guidelines. We are going to sit shoulder to shoulder and we have to be able to intervene at the wheel. It is no use that we can just slow down, because then we risk a collision from behind, she says.

In Central and Western Jutland, the district representative is called Søren Mark. He too misses answers.

So we have some problems where we don’t exactly have the National Board of Health’s rules on what to do, says Søren Mark, who also owns Højslev Driving School.

The national chairman shares skepticism

The chair of the Danish Driving Teacher Union Bent Grue very well understands the concerns of his colleagues, which he also widely shares.

As a starting point, we are all happy to get back on track and meet our students again, but the uncertainty is that we have not been given any guidance on how the health authorities see that we can deal with this virus, says Bent Grue.

Therefore, he and the Danish Driving Teachers Union are currently putting a final touch on a request to the health authorities.

It’s fine we’re being opened, but how do we get rid of the coronavirus? It’s still there, after all. There are so many questions. Do we still have two meters between the students? What about the two meters in the cars? Will gloves and bandages be required? How are we going to deal with this? It’s not to paint the damn on the wall, but it’s a matter of the safety of the members and the safety of our students, says Bent Grue.

The authorities are working to make some guidelines for the small businesses that are allowed to open on Monday, the Ministry of Business Affairs said. The guidelines are expected to come this weekend. They are based on inputs from the health authorities, the professional groups and the Labor Inspectorate.

When it comes to driving tests, the National Police state that you are considering how to resume the conduct of driving tests properly. This is done in close dialogue with the health authorities, it is stated.

Source: www.dr.dk

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