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Bus Company Must Stand Trained For Minister: Runs Full Buses Across The Country


Flixbus, which runs between Aarhus and Copenhagen, can look forward to a reception from the Minister of Transport.

While children in relocation kindergartens may not be allowed to enter kindergarten due to space requirements during the bus trip, the bus company Flixbus still runs with tightly packed buses across the country.

It is not directly illegal to gather the many passengers in so little space, because transport companies are exempt from the assembly ban, which means that more than 10 people may not be assembled.

On the other hand, the bus company is far from the health authorities’ recommendations to keep two meters away from other people.

At the same time, the Ministry of Transport’s call for a reduction in congestion in public transport also does not fit well.

The guideline for public transport is clearly that you must ensure that there is enough space so that you can comply with the guidelines of the health authorities. This means that no more than about half the tickets must be sold in a bus or a train, says Transport Minister Benny Engelbrecht (S) to DR.

Unfortunately, we have been able to see that for Flixbus, more tickets have been sold than is appropriate.

Can get an injunction in the extreme consequence

That’s why the Minister of Transport has called Flixbus to a virtual meeting on Saturday.

Then I can make sure that they know the guidelines fully and completely, just like all other players in public transport do. Whether taking a ferry, driving by bus, subway or light rail, one should be confident that there is plenty of room, says Benny Engelbrecht.

Should Flixbus choose to continue to defy the guidelines and drive full buses, the Minister has buttons to turn on.

I have the opportunity to give them a real injunction in the extreme consequence. It will be very onerous, both for the authorities and for themselves, which is why I also think that dialogue is the best way to go. Should it still be necessary, there is real intervention to take, says Benny Engelbrecht.

The meeting notice comes after Jyllands-Posten and TV2 have described how passengers sit close up and down, because tickets are sold for all the bus seats.

Other companies such as the Kombardo Express and DSB sell tickets, so the carts are only half full.

The Flixbus website states that the company is constantly monitoring ‘the state-issued regulations and is ready to immediately implement new guidelines for long-distance road transport from the responsible authorities’.


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