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Autumn weather with thunder and hail on the way

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Week 28, which is a typical summer holiday week, gets windy, rainy and with thunder and hail, says DMI.

There is nothing new for the many Danes who, due to the corona crisis, have chosen to stay home and spend the summer holidays in week 28.

According to Lars Henriksen, who is meteorologist at the Danish Metrological Institute, DMI, the autumnal weather continues throughout the week.

– The first days of the week get rainy and windy, and there will be showers with hail and thunder, says Lars Henriksen.

Monday will be particularly wet and windy with strong winds and temperatures between 12 and 18 degrees.

It will be the coldest in western Jutland, and in the northwestern part of the country there may be gusts of gale force.

Low pressure over Scandinavia
According to Lars Henriksen, Tuesday will look a lot like Monday, but possibly with a little less wind.

Although it will not be decidedly summer from Wednesday, it gets a little better, says Lars Henriksen.

– We’ll get some more stableweather with few periods of sun. Temperatures also rise slightly to between 14 and 18 degrees, says Lars Henriksen.

From Wednesday to Friday, there will only be a few local showers, with the exception of the southernmost parts of the country, where more rain may fall.

The bleak summer weather is due to one low pressure, located over Scandinavia and heading north-east.

In addition, there is a high pressure west of the British Isles, and both send cold polar air down over northern Europe.

According to Lars Henriksen, one must travel all the way down to southern Europe or southeastern Europe to find normal summer weather.

– It’s the same tendency, we see throughout Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Germany and the British Isles, he says.

However, more summery weather is on the way.

– We have a lot of swing forecasts, but some of them show that a high pressure is coming that can provide more heat. But that’s uncertain, says Lars Henriksen.

Source: dr.dk

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