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The storm surges have begun – now the water level is rising unusually much for the season

Waves and winds in the Limfjord on Monday 6 July. Photo: Mette Tønning / Viewer photo

The water level on the north coast and in the north-facing fjords rises to just under a meter above normal levels in the evening and night.

If the canoe, kayak or surfboard is close to the water, it can sail away into the night.

Roskilde Fjord, Isefjord and Odense Fjord will have an elevated water level of about 90 centimeters tonight. This means that the water spreads both far and high at holiday homes near the fjords, and that the beach toys can disappear.

Like the unusually severe summer winds that we are currently experiencing, elevations of water near one meter above daily water are also very unusual during the summer months.

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