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National Board of Health

New Recommendation From The National Board of Health: Stand One Meter Apart, Unless

National Board of Health

The National Board of Health has today updated the general recommendations on prevention of infection.

The most striking adjustment is the recommendations on distance in the public space, which previously sounded at least two meters away.

It is now reduced to just one meter – as a general rule.

The new guidelines come before what will not only be the beginning of a new week, but also a new day when tomorrow’s stores and malls can open for customers, while outdoor sports and associations can also restart their activities.

The following week, the activity in the community is again increased when, among other things, cafés, restaurants and taverns can reopen.

The great students are also allowed to return to school, and churches and mosques can again welcome the faithful.

A number of exceptions

However, there are a number of exceptions to the new rule of distance, since activities with heavy exhalation such as singing in the church still need to be kept two meters away.

Here, a minimum distance of two meters still applies:

  • If there is doubt about respiratory symptoms in one or the other, for example, on the way home from work, you feel silly, if you think the other looks cold, etc.
  • When visiting care centers, hospitals, people with special risks, etc.
  • In activities with heavy exhalation, where drops are formed and thrown further away from the person than in normal speech, for example singing, shouting, lectures, plays, physical exertion etc.
  • For activities in motion, such as a roller coaster.
  • When staying in confined spaces with limited movement space, poor ventilation, etc., for example basement rooms, shafts etc.


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