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Nursing Homes

Authorities Are Easing The Rules For Visits To Nursing Homes And Hospitals

Nursing Homes

Residents and patients can be visited indoors by one or two regular visitors.

Residents of the country’s nursing homes and inpatients can look forward to making it easier to see family and friends.

The Ministry of Health states that from Thursday it will be possible to have indoor visits by one to two regular visitors.

In addition, some of the restrictions on visiting patients in hospitals also become eased. Because of the risk of coronavirus infection, everyone willrestrictions not be removed.

Nursing home residents and inpatients at the country’s hospitals have only a lot limited visit to Denmark since Denmark was closed down in mid-March.

Unfortunately, we know that the restrictions have involved human costs for both the citizens concerned and theirs relatives, says Health Minister Magnus Heunicke (S) in a press release.

Possibility to visit indoors
The new model for visits applies to nursing homes, nursing homes, relief places and hospitals. The model involves:


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