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Strengthened Suspicions Against The Arrested Man

A Man Is Arrested For Double Murder In Linkoping Sweden

Strengthened Suspicions Against The Arrested Man
A man has been arrested for the 16-year-old double murder in Linköping.
The man is in his 40s and was arrested in Linköping this morning. During the day, the man has peaked – and after that the suspicions were strengthened against the man who is now on probable grounds suspected.

The man is suspected of the murder of then 8-year-old Mohammed Ammouri and 56-year-old language teacher Anna-Lena Svensson the morning of October 19, 2004 on Åsgatan in Linköping.

Strengthened suspicions

According to a press release from the Prosecutor’s Office, the suspicions against the man have been strengthened during the day. He was arrested this morning just before 7am in his residence in Linköping. According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the arrest was calm and carried out by the regional intervention force.

During the day, the man has DNA-tops and the National Forensic Center, NFC, has provided a prior message about positive hits on the arrested. The prosecutor has therefore chosen to change the degree of suspicion to suspect on probable grounds.

The prosecutor hopes to be able to decide on the arrest issue on Wednesday. In connection with that, a press conference should be held, according to the Prosecutor’s Office.

Identified by DNA registry

The man who has now been arrested comes from the Linköping district and was identified via a DNA register for genealogists.

“In a pilot project, the police in Linköping have employed genealogists and used genealogy databases to investigate the perpetrator. On Tuesday morning, a man was arrested and arrested as reasonably suspected of the murder, ”the Prosecutor’s Office writes in a press release.

The DNA profile of the perpetrator was initially sent to two commercial DNA databases – Gedmatch and Family tree. The latter is one of the most widely used among Swedes.

Through the Gedmatch site, for example, the man suspected of being the serial killer “Golden State Killer” (Golden State killer) 2018 was arrested.

Chamber Prosecutor Britt-Louise Viklund in Linköping is now preliminary investigator in the case. Detention decisions must be made no later than Friday at noon.


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