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New antibody tests are 97 percent accurate: ‘It can show how many have been infected’


Two new antibody tests can determine whether or not you have been infected with coronavirus.

Maybe you are one of those who would like to know if you have had coronavirus – and if you have developed antibodies to the virus.

And that is exactly what you can get answers to soon.

For the National Hospital Diagnostic Center and Novo Nordisk, two new antibody tests have been developed in collaboration. And they can with 97 percent certainty determine whether or not they have been infected with coronavirus, says Professor of Clinical Molecular Medicine Peter Garred, who has helped develop the tests.

Now we have done a test which has a sensitivity of 97 to 98 percent. When we can clarify it this way is because it is made in a completely different way from the old tests.

More accurate testing
Previously, you could be tested for antibodies if you were a blood donor. But it turned out that the uncertainty of this type of test was too high, which is why the blood banks stopped testing for coronavirus antibodies.

But now the two new tests are ready that can test for antibodies in the blood with great accuracy.

However, the test does not show whether you are also protected against coronavirus in the future if you have antibodies in your blood. It will require more research to find out, explains Peter Garred.

But that’s why you can still use the antibody tests for something.

The test can show how many people in the population have actually been infected. It can also show how many are infected going forward and whether the antibodies are disappearing again, he says.


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