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CORONAGUIDE For Summer Parties: How To Hold A Wedding, Birthday And Student Party


A party can be conducted widely, depending on where you hold it.

The easing of the assembly ban means that we can now gather 50 people in the same place without being fined. From July 8, we must be 100.

And then it is introduced guidelines for events like weddings, celebrations, birthdays and the like, so you can gather up to 500 people – as long as the event is held at a restaurant, café or bar.

But there are very different rules for how a party can run, depending on where the party is held.

To avoid repetition, it can be stated right away: The Board of Health’s recommendations to keep a meter’s distance, sneeze and cough in the sleeve, wash hands and use handshakes, and avoid kisses, hugs and handshakes apply in any case.

But how do you then have a party – or an event – over the summer with the recommendations in mind? We give you the overview here.


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