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Attaa Bernice

Attaa Bernice Shares An Amazing Insight About Her Weight Loss Journey

Attaa Bernice

My name is Attaa Bernice from Ghana living in Norway. Am unto health and wellness. I support, encourage and inspire people to live a healthy lifestyle. About a year and half now i tried to reduce my weight but i could not. A friend introduced me to some products and health programs online.

I was skeptical because it was online but later i joined i learnt a lot about health and not just about my weight loss. I tried some of the products and joined a program to help me to lose weight. After 4 to 5months i was able to lose from 96kg to 68kg. I got interested in their program and later got know i can also do it. So i was trained and joined them.

I was a stay home mother. We stayed in Denmark for some years so i had the experience of working and taking care of my family. It wasn’t easy for me.

So i always wanted something to do from the comfort of my home, and get time for my family. Now i work from home. I create my own time to work from home all i need is my phone, laptop or tablet and WiFi then am good to work for any hours and i get paid in every 2weeks.

I enjoy what i do because i learnt a lot about health and am still learning. I educate my family and friends too. I got to know that every bit of food we eat is either we are curing it or feeding it. If we don’t see food as our medicine now, later medicine will be our food.

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