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Nick Hækkerup

The government will look at extra tough penalties for pirate parties: ‘Completely unreasonable to put themselves outside of the community’

Nick Hækkerup

Last night, the police had to close a pirate party with about 200-300 participants in Copenhagen.

Minister of Justice Nick Hækkerup (S) does not have much left for the 200-300 people who last night defied corona restrictions and participated in a pirate party in Sydhavnen in Copenhagen.

– I’m very disappointed. It is completely unreasonable to sit outside the community that way, he says.

He points out that many citizens have had to arrange their lives differently during the corona crisis, that the restaurant industry is under pressure and people have to cancel parties, weddings and holidays.

And then, on the other hand, we have up to 300 young people who defy the community and risk forming new chains of infection, which will potentially be fatal to vulnerable citizens, and which will prolong the closure of the society we are in. So it is completely unacceptable and incomprehensible that they do, he says.

Must look at higher penalties

Police moved out last night after a tip about a party with many people. The party was organized in a closed Facebook group, where the participants shortly before the party receive a message to transfer money, after which they are sent an address, the Copenhagen Police informs.


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