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The National Board of Health recommends increased use of face mask by the doctor

face mask
In future, everyone is advised to wear a face mask at the doctor’s and at the hospital when close contact cannot be avoided.

When you go to the doctor or to the hospital, it is in future the Danish Health and Medicines Authority’s recommendation that you have a face mask with you.

The board sharpens its recommendations on Monday morning. The council now reads that both citizens and health professionals should wear a face mask when it is not possible to keep their distance.

This is stated by the National Board of Health in a statement.

– We now recommend as an extra precaution that staff, patients and citizens wear masks and nose cover in treatment and care situations, for example in hospitals, nursing homes and at their own doctor, when it is not possible to keep their distance, says Deputy Director of the National Board of Health Helene Probst in the message.

– This does not mean that everyone has to wear a mask all the time. However, in situations where you have to be very close to each other, it can provide extra protection and prevent the possible spread of infection.

– If you are going to the doctor or the hospital and need to be examined, bring a face mask.


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