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Mette Frederiksen

‘We Do Not Want To Keep Denmark Closed One Day More Than Necessary’ – Mette Frederiksen

Mette Frederiksen

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“I see that more and more people are speculating that it will be months before we can start opening Denmark again. That, neither hope nor I believe, will be the case.”

That’s how Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen writes in an update on Facebook .

DR News has contacted the Prime Minister, who does not wish to elaborate further.

On Monday, she announced that the partial closure of Denmark, where schools, institutions and shops will be closed, will continue until 13 April.

And while many may be impatient to see their schoolmates, family and friends, it all depends on how we behave now, the message in the status update sounds.

“How it goes. We decide together right now. If we keep our distance. Wash hands. Avoid too much activity,” writes Mette Frederiksen.

It is also the recommendation of the National Board of Health if the chain of infection is to be broken.

“Then we will be able to see it quietly in the figures: the number of admissions will increase less steeply than otherwise. Hopefully the curve will level out.

I understand well the uncertainty among companies and employees. The need to know how long it lasts. My message is: Hold on a little longer, “she continues.

She also states that in a few days the experts will have enough data to look at developments in Denmark. Immediately, the various measures appear to have an effect, but more concrete data is needed. However, she adds that several countries have experienced a ‘setback’ when they believed there was progress.

33,000 have signed up unemployed

The many companies that have to stay closed and employees who have to be sent home are particularly aware of the corona crisis. In the announcement, the prime minister writes that 33,000 have registered unemployed since the virus seriously announced its arrival at home.

“Unemployment has once again shown its ugly face in our society. And it will be a key task to get back into employment,” she writes.

Here, at the same time, she encourages as much as possible to make use of the auxiliary packages that have been launched.

“Don’t fire people. Send them home instead. The state covers a large portion of the salary.”

Source: www.dr.dk

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