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Finnish Police Barricade Helsinki To Curb Coronavirus


Finnish police have set up 30 checkpoints on highways to keep the Uusimaa metropolitan area isolated from the rest of the country.

Mobile patrols are also deployed on smaller roads.

This is done in an attempt to contain the spread of coronavirus infection.

The extensive check came into effect at midnight on Saturday.

For three weeks, the region of Uusimaa, where the capital of Helsinki is located, will be closed for entry and exit. This is what the Norwegian news agency NTB writes.

Uusimaa has 1.7 million inhabitants.

The Finnish police are being helped by the Armed Forces to keep the many checkpoints.

Helsinki Police Chief Patrik Karlsson says that 100 officers have been assigned to the task along with 750 conscripts and 40 soldiers.

All rail traffic in and out of the isolated area is also checked.

The measure was announced by the country’s prime minister, Sanna Marin, on Wednesday.

– Moving in and out of the Capital Region will be prohibited. However, everyone will have the right to return to the municipality where they reside, said Sana Marin, according to the AFP news agency.

According to the dpa news agency, in connection with the new initiative, the Finnish government stressed that the right to life is more important than the right to free movement.

However, people who have a well-founded desire to be detained and people who have the right to have access to their own children will be exempted. Business driving will also be free.

On Friday, Finland had registered 1041 cases of infection, and seven people have died as a result of the corona virus.

Authorities state that the official figures for infected people hardly match reality. They expect that there is a great darkness.


Source: www.dr.dk

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