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Thousands Of People At Manifestation In Stockholm


In light of the unrest in the United States, thousands of people gathered for a demonstration on Sergel’s square.

The police decided to dissolve the overly large crowd.

But that has not succeeded – instead the protesters are marching through central Stockholm.

There are significantly more people there than what is granted, says Mats Eriksson at the police.

The demonstration goes under the slogan “Black lives matter” and takes place after recent protests against police violence and racism in the United States.

The permit application was valid between 18 and 20 hours on Sergel’s square. Given the coronary restrictions, it was allowed to have a maximum of 50 participants. Because considerably more than was gathered in and around the square, just before 18, the police decided that the crowd would be dispersed.

– We urge people to leave the place. We have a dialogue with the organizer with the help of speakers and other things. We have good patience and we will continue the dialogue, ”says Mats Eriksson, spokesperson for the Stockholm Police, at 18-40.

Riding police on the spot
Many protesters had put on mouthguards and wore placards.

“No racists in our streets,” scanned the participants.

For example, riding police have been deployed to deal with the situation. At 19 o’clock, people began to take trains from Sergel’s square in the direction of Kungsträdgården and Stureplan.

According to the police, it had so far been a quiet gathering.

I feel that everything has gone smoothly, says Mats Eriksson.

It is the organizer who is responsible for maintaining the conditions in the demonstration permit.

Monitor with drones
Before the manifestation, the police decided on a so-called special event.

This is mainly to ensure that we have resources for the general meeting, says Mats Eriksson.

Camera surveillance was also made with the help of drones.

Similar protests have been held around the world in recent days. For example, thousands of people gathered in Hyde Park in London during Wednesday afternoon.


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