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Two More Danes Infected With Coronavirus


Both people have been on holiday in Northern Italy and returned home on February 29. Another two Danes are infected with coronavirus.

This is stated by the Danish Agency for Patient Safety.

Both people have been on holiday in Northern Italy and returned to Denmark on February 29. They are infected and traveled home independently. None of them are related to the four people already infected in Denmark.

The total number of Danes infected with coronavirus is thus up to six. All are related to the outbreak in northern Italy.

Last night, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs took the consequence of the outbreak and sharpened the travel guide, so that all unnecessary trips to four northern regions in Italy are now discouraged.

According to the National Board of Health, up to half a million Danes can be infected with coronavirus. This was told by director Søren Brostrøm at a press conference yesterday.

– It can easily be 10 to 15 percent of the Danish population that gets infected. If we get an epidemic in Denmark, which I certainly cannot rule out, then we will have over half a million infected Danes, he said among other things.

The National Board of Health also stated that 122 healthy Danes were quarantined yesterday due to coronavirus.
Six cases in less than a week

The first case was found on Thursday last week, when a TV 2 journalist was tested positive after a ski holiday in Italy.

On Friday, it emerged that the other Dane had been tested positive. The man had gone with symptoms before contacting his doctor on February 27.

On Saturday, an employee from the Department of Skin and Genital Diseases at Aarhus University Hospital was confirmed infected.

And on Sunday, a person related to the other infected was found infected.

Source: dr.dk

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