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Authorities Take New Steps Against Coronavirus: Now Public Events Can Be Canceled


The Ministry of Health has given the green light that several sections of the Epidemic Act can be used.

The Danish health authorities can now use several tools to contain coronavirus infection.

The tools include the possibility of canceling public events, barring areas and forced autopsy in the event of or suspected coronavirus infection.

It is after the Ministry of Health and the Elderly has decided that measures against so-called ‘generally dangerous’ diseases can be implemented.

The decision has been taken to keep us two steps ahead of the development and to ensure that the legal framework is in place for the various scenarios that can unfold, states Health and Elder Minister Magnus Heunicke (S) in a written response.

The measures mean that the authorities can make use of sections 5-9 of the Epidemic Act. Although coronaviruses are considered a list B disease, they are used in the law to contain list A diseases such as smallpox, Sars, Ebola and plague.

Blocking areas and cancellations

The paragraphs, among other things, give an epidemic commission a mandate to prohibit public events and to block areas if there is only suspected possibility of infection with coronavirus.

If a death is thought to be the result of coronavirus infection, the Epidemic Commission may, in consultation with the National Board of Health, order the deceased to be autopsied.

It may also be required that a person who is infected or suspected of being infected with coronavirus should be examined by a physician or hospitalized.

The decision in the ministry is made after the National Board of Health has requested that the paragraphs be used in connection with the spread of coronavirus.

Earlier today, the Danish Patient Safety Agency reported that two Danes returning from vacation in Northern Italy on February 29 have been tested positive for coronavirus infection.

Thus, a total of six Danes are infected with the virus. All cases can be traced back to northern Italy affected by a major corona outbreak.

The National Board of Health announced yesterday that 122 healthy Danes are in a 14-day home quarantine to prevent the spread of infection.

Do not advise traveling to northern Italy

The many cases of infection from northern Italy meant that the Danish Foreign Ministry last night advised against all unnecessary trips to four regions of the country.

According to the Director of the Civil Service, Erik Brøgger Rasmussen, the change in the travel guide is due to concerns about the increasing number of infected people in the area.

Now the number has reached a level where the assessment is, we do not want more Danes to go there, because the risk of being infected and thus taking coronavirus home to Denmark is too great.

I can’t quite deny that there is anyone who thinks that the annual skiing holiday is a necessity, and if that is their assessment, then they will say: “Well, then I’ll leave anyway”. But for most people, one would probably think that tourist travel is something to choose from in this situation, he says.

Danes who are already in the regions and who want to come home early should contact their travel agent or airline, explains Erik Brøgger Rasmussen.

While staying in the area, they should also pay special attention to following the Health Board’s recommendation to wash their hands frequently and avoid contact with people who have symptoms of a cold or respiratory infection to avoid infection.

Italian cities shut down completely

More than 1,694 people have been infected with coronavirus in Italy, and 34 people have died after being infected.

Thus, Italy is the country outside Asia that has identified the most cases of infection.

Several Italian cities have been closed down completely, so residents have been banned from leaving or entering the affected areas, public events have been suspended and museums have been closed. About 100,000 people have been quarantined. All to prevent the virus from spreading further.

This has also meant that SAS has canceled all flights to Northern Italy.

In France, the government has also taken several steps to ensure that the virus does not spread. On Saturday, the French government banned indoor events with over 5,000 attendees.

Source: www.dr.dk

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