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Two men

Two men sentenced to 13 years in prison for killing for nude photo

Two men

The two people were charged with killing a man and leaving the body in the wild at Skjern Å in West Jutland.

Two men are both behind bars for 13 years after being found guilty of manslaughter at the Court in Herning.

That’s what TV Midwest writes .

The case started when a passerby on Sunday afternoon in February 2019 found the body of a man in a wooded area at Borris east of Skjern in February 2019.

At an autopsy, it was determined that the dead had been killed, and the day after, police arrested the two acquaintances and charged them with manslaughter.

Fighting nude photo

The victim was 47-year-old Kenneth Linde Simonsen. And a hearing at the Court in Herning has now ruled that the two men, aged 33 and 39, beat him so badly that he died of it.

According to the media, one of the men explained in court that they had beaten the 47-year-old several times with clenched fists because he had some nude pictures of a common female acquaintance.

However, the 39-year-old had a sexual relationship with the woman in question and so he should have made it clear to the 47-year-old that the pictures should not be shown to anyone.

However, during a later drought in Borris, the now deceased man denied that he had had such nude photos.

It was too much for the 39-year-old who explained in court that he punched Kenneth Linde Simonsen two or three times in the face with a clenched fist. The 33-year-old subsequently punched the man “a couple of times,” reports the Midwest.

After the teas, the men left the 47-year-old in the meadow area. He could even go home as a lesson, they thought. The elder has explained that the man could still stand when they left him.

Prosecutions go to jail and custody

The sentencing is expected later in the day.

The prosecutor goes after being sentenced to 39-year-old’s imprisonment while she thinks the 33-year-old should be sentenced to custody.

Detention – along with life imprisonment – is the only sanction in Danish criminal law without a time limit. Persons sentenced to custody are considered dangerous if left free.

Throughout the case, the two have pleaded not guilty.

They have therefore both appealed to the national court, since they will be acquitted.

Source: nyheder.tv2.dk

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