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These International Flights Are Currently Available From Denmark

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Denmark’s international flight departures have begun to operate again as the country partially re-opens its borders, closed earlier this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Travel from Denmark directly to international destinations is therefore becoming more possible.

We list the international departures available this month below. Each destination has at least one direct departure from a Danish airport before the end of July 2020.

The Local has verified each departure by checking at least one flight is scheduled between now and the end of July using search engines, and cross checking with the websites for Copenhagen, Billund, Aarhus and Aalborg airports.

Since July 4th, Denmark’s borders have been open to tourists from six non-European countries given the same “yellow” or “open” classification as most of Europe. These are Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea and Thailand.

Most countries in Europe are currently classified as “open”, with the exceptions at the time of writing being Portugal and parts of Sweden. The status of European countries is reviewed weekly.

The remainder of the world is still classified as “red” or “banned” in the terminology used by Danish or authorities, which means that tourists from these countries cannot enter Denmark.

Danish residents travelling back to Denmark from these countries are strongly advised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to self-quarantine for 14 days unless they take a Covid-19 test on arrival, in which case they can leave quarantine if the test result is negative.

Face masks must be worn at all times in Danish airports.

Copenhagen Airport

Austria: Vienna
Belgium: Brussels
Bulgaria: Sofia, Bourgas
China: Beijing, Shijiazhuang
Croatia: Split, Zagreb, Pula
Cyprus: Larnaca
Czech Republic: Prague
Egypt: Cairo, Hurghada
Estonia: Tallinn
Finland: Helsinki, Tampere
France: Nice, Paris
Hungary: Budapest
Germany: Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin
Greece: Athens, Chania, Thessaloniki, Heraklion, Rhodes, Preveza, Samos
Iceland: Reykjavik
Ireland: Dublin
Italy: Rome, Milan, Bologna, Venice, Pisa, Naples
Latvia: Riga
Lebanon: Beirut
Lithuania: Vilnius, Palanga
Luxembourg: Luxembourg
Malta: Malta
Montenegro: Podgorica
Netherlands: Amsterdam
North Macedonia: Skopje
Norway: Bergen, Oslo, Stavanger, Trondheim, Kristiansand
Poland: Krakow, Warsaw, Gdansk
Portugal: Lisbon, Porto, Faro
Qatar: Doha
Serbia: Belgrade
Singapore: Singapore
Spain: Barcelona, Alicante, Palma Mallorca, Malaga, Valencia, Madrid
Sweden: Stockholm, Örebro, Gothenburg
Switzerland: Zurich, Basel, Geneva
Thailand: Bangkok
Turkey: Istanbul, Antalya, Konya, Izmir
Ukraine: Kyiv, Lviv
United Arab Emirates: Dubai, Abu Dhabi
United Kingdom: London, Manchester, Edinburgh
United States: Chicago, Newark, San Francisco

Billund Airport

Austria: Vienna
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Tuzla
Bulgaria: Sofia
Cyprus: Larnaca
Germany: Frankfurt
Greece: Chania, Rhodes
Hungary: Budapest
Iceland: Reykjavik
Italy: Milan, Pisa, Rome
Latvia: Riga
Lithuania: Vilnius
Malta: Malta
Netherlands: Amsterdam
Norway: Oslo, Stavanger
Poland: Gdansk, Krakow
Romania: Bucharest, Iasi
Spain: Palma Mallorca, Malaga, Alicante
Sweden: Stockholm
Turkey: Antalya
Ukraine: Kyiv
United Kingdom: Edinburgh, London, Manchester

Aarhus Airport

Norway: Oslo
United Kingdom: London

Aalborg Airport

Netherlands: Amsterdam
Norway: Oslo
Spain: Malaga

Source: thelocal.dk

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