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Roars At The Airport: Giant Freight Planes Were About To Land On The Road

Freight Planes

Shortly before the huge Antonov plane was due to land in Kastrup, the pilot found that there was no room for the aircraft at all.

Several interested aviators and enthusiasts had to scout long for a rare giant who was otherwise announced to land at Copenhagen Airport on Monday morning.

An enormous cargo plane from Ukrainian manufacturer Antonov of type AN 124 was calculated by the airport to land at 10.52.

But that was not to be.

Shortly before landing, it was found that the airport had no room for the big aircraft at all, as the only runway with room for the big machines is being renovated.

“The message apparently did not reach the airline in question, which is why they thought they could land,” explains Kenny Leth, press officer at the airport, CPH.

So after clear message from the airport control tower that landing was excluded, the plane was otherwise busy gasping up and turning around.

From various services that track the routes of individual airplanes, it appears that the cargo plane, which had slowed down and had dropped in height, makes a sharp turn south of Trelleborg in Sweden and sets course away from Kastrup and flies jetty with course towards Leipzig, where the plane lands at 11.12.

Kenni Leth from CPH emphasizes that the process happened without the great drama. Still, however, the incident is quite unusual.

– It is an unfortunate coincidence of several circumstances, he says, elaborating:

– We had previously had Antonov planes to land down here, but because there is so little traffic out there at the moment, we have chosen to undertake a renovation of one of our two main runways, and this is the only runway where they largest aircraft can land. We sent that an international letter about a week ago, and the pilots apparently haven’t read it, says Kenni Leth.


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