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winter in denmark

Changing Easter Weather – From Spring To Winter In A Few Days

winter in denmark

Easter Saturday offers sun and 18 degrees, but there may also be snow showers in eastern Denmark during Easter days.

When Easter week began, the weather was fantastic. Sunshine for everyone and in southern Jutland measured 21.2 degrees on Monday afternoon .

But we don’t get all the flashy weather like this. The night between the first and second Easter Day, a strong cold front will run down through Denmark – perhaps with snow showers in the wake.

Get an overview of the weather on Easter days here:

Sunny but cool Cutting Thursday

A cold front is about to pass, and although the afternoon is sunny, the weather is markedly different from Wednesday. We got above 18 degrees, but on Thursday afternoon we had to settle for temperatures around 10 degrees, while being somewhat more windy.

Good Friday with sun and dry weather

On Friday we will again get temperatures around 10 degrees, but there will be more clouds in the sky at times. The air continues to come from the northwest, which is a cold corner. Therefore, the weather does not feel particularly springy when clouds reduce the heat of the sun’s rays.


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