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Rasmus Paludan

Rasmus Paludan arrested in Germany

Rasmus Paludan

Rasmus Paludan has been arrested after trying to enter Germany. This is stated by the German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel.

On Facebook, Rasmus Paludan has announced that he would hold a demonstration on Wednesday at Sonnenallee in Neukölln – an area where many Muslims live.

“We believe the German people need to know what Islam is! We intend to show this on Wednesday. Then we will all see if it really is the religion of peace! We bring the Koran! ”Said Rasmus Paludan on Stram Kurs’ Facebook page on Monday morning.

On Tuesday, however, the party leader was prevented by the German authorities from entering Germany as he tried to enter the country via Tegel Airport in Berlin.

It informs a spokesman for the Interior Administration to Tagesspiegel.

“While he was still in the plane, the federal police denied him entry from the state immigration office,” the spokesman said, adding:

“Sir. Paludan did not get off the plane and flew back to Copenhagen on Tuesday afternoon. “

According to German media, he was given an entry ban until October 31, but already on Wednesday Rasmus Paludan tried to come to Berlin again.

This led to the police arresting him. He now risks a fine or imprisonment for up to a year, the media writes.

BT has tried to call Rasmus Paludan, but he does not answer the phone.

Acting Chief of Staff of Stram Kurs, Henrik Søndergaard, however, confirms that the party leader has been arrested.

“He was initially rejected in the plane, and he was later arrested in Berlin, because then he drove down there in a car. He had given up demonstrating, but he had an errand at the Swedish embassy in Berlin, “says Henrik Søndergaard.

What errand Rasmus Paludan had at the Swedish embassy, ​​the chief of staff can not answer. Rasmus Paludan – who has a Swedish father – was recently granted Swedish citizenship, after having previously been denied entry into Sweden.

After arranging his errand, Rasmus Paludan was arrested by German police outside the embassy.

The original plan to demonstrate was carried out by other members of the party. The demonstration proceeded peacefully. The Koran was not burned and that was never the plan, says the chief of staff.

“It is not correct, as the German police have claimed, that there were plans to burn a Koran. It’s illegal in Germany, and we are not doing anything illegal. We have burned the Koran in Denmark and in Sweden, where it is allowed, but not in Germany, “says Henrik Søndergaard.

Instead, the protesters contented themselves with reciting certain passages from the Koran.

»We only spoke Danish, so people did not understand what we were saying. Rasmus was supposed to say something in German, because he is the one who knows German. The rest of us can’t do that, “says Henrik Søndergaard.

Source: bt.dk

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