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Fem-årig pige dræbt i trafikulykke - nu efterlyses flugtbilist med navn og foto

Five-year-old girl killed in traffic accident – now looking for getaway driver with name and photo

Fem-årig pige dræbt i trafikulykke - nu efterlyses flugtbilist med navn og foto

A serious accident took place on Wednesday afternoon on Peter Bangs Vej in Frederiksberg, where a mother and her daughter were hit by a car.

The five-year-old daughter passed away later on Wednesday, Copenhagen Police wrote on Twitter.

On Wednesday night, the police district went out with a search warrant for the suspected perpetrator who fled the car shortly after the accident.

His name is Helmi Mossa Hameed. He is about 21 years old, has dark hair, 180 centimeters tall, plain of build and wearing black clothes. 

If you have information about him, the police can be contacted at 114. The police warn against contacting him.

On Thursday morning, the Copenhagen Police inform TV 2 Lorry that they are still looking for Helmi Mossa Hameed. 

Unknown how the accident happened

The mother and daughter were walking on the sidewalk when they were hit by a car and the episode had a tragic outcome.

The mother was taken to Hvidovre Hospital, where her condition is still unknown, but the police were able to talk to her after the accident.

It is still unknown how the accident took place, but the police tell TV 2 Lorry that there is nothing to suggest that street racing was the cause of the accident.


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