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Rasmus Paludan

Prosecutions require four months in prison for Rasmus Paludan

Rasmus Paludan

Stram Kurs-manager denies all 14 matters dealt with by the Court of Appeal in Næstved. Judgment is expected tomorrow

Rasmus Paludan, a party leader for the Tight Course, should face up to four months in prison if sentenced to all 14 offenses.

This is the claim of special prosecutor Susanne Bluhm of the South Zealand and Lolland-Falsters Police, as she makes her final remarks today in the Court of Appeal in Næstved.

Here, among other things, Rasmus Paludan is indicted for coming up with derogatory statements, defamation, and endangering another person’s life or mobility.

The prosecutor also demands that the party leader be denied the right to drive for two years.

And then Paludan should be denied the right to work as a lawyer “for the time being,” it says.

– If he is convicted in all circumstances, he is unworthy to that esteem and trust, says Susanne Bluhm, referring to the legal profession.

The case is expected to be dropped tomorrow. Rasmus Paludan pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Source: dr.dk

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