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Stram Kurs

Police in Malmö ask for reinforcements after a visit to Stram Kurs

Stram Kurs

13 people are expected to be charged with riots that occurred in connection with the burning of the Koran in Malmö on Friday.

Swedish police have requested reinforcements after extensive riots in Malmö on Saturday night. According to Swedish media , they arose after members of Stram Kurs had burned the Koran .

– We need extra resources to be able to cope with a continued effort if there is new unrest on Saturday night, says the police spokesman in Malmö, Calle Persson.

About 300 took part in the night’s unrest, which took place from around 7pm on Friday night until after midnight.

During the night’s riots, covered bus stops were destroyed, lampposts were overturned and advertising columns were smashed.

We are investigating violent riots, violence against officials in office, vandalism against police cars and a dozen fires in various places, says Patric Fors, who is the police spokesman in the region .

13 people are expected to be charged with riots, five of whom were arrested early Saturday. Another dozen people were detained. At noon on Saturday, all detainees were set free.

Wounded police officers request reinforcements

Several police officers were slightly injured during the evening and night riots.

Requests for reinforcements concern a redistribution of resources in the police region and at national level. This applies to vehicles , among other things , as a number of police cars have been destroyed by stone throwing and fireworks, which were fired at the cars.

The protests and riots arose after violent riots in connection with a Koran burning in the residential area Rosengården in Malmö.

– No private individuals have been injured. But in the police force, some have been slightly injured, Patric Fors said earlier to Kvällsposten.

According to the Swedish news agency TT, it was members of the Danish party Stram Kurs who had burned the Koran .

According to the TV station SVT’s journalists on the spot, many of those gathered were outraged by the burning of the Koran . The burning took place in the industrial area Emilstorp near Rosengården, writes TT.

It was intended that the leader of Stram Kurs, Rasmus Paludan, should have participated in a demonstration in Malmö on Friday. But he was stopped on the way by Swedish police, who gave him a two-year entry ban to Sweden. This is because the Swedish authorities assess that there is a risk that he will commit a crime

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