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No Swedes Are Allowed To Fly From Kastrup


Soon, Denmark will close its borders to the outside world to stop the spread of viruses. Police and military are deployed to handle border control.

Swedes with flight tickets from Kastrup will not be admitted.

On the artificial island of Pepparholm, preparations are underway for the new border control station. Orange trucks from the Emergency Management Agency are in place and a tent is being erected.

So far the trains are rolling towards Denmark, but many are preparing that from 12 o’clock it will be very difficult to get over.

Penno Addison lives in Malmö and works in a shop in Copenhagen. Now he has a suitcase with him, because his plan is to stay at home with his brother in Copenhagen – in order to continue working.

Damaris Berger from Switzerland has been touring Sweden for a week. Now she waits for the train at Hyllie station to get to Kastrup and fly home.

My train leaves at lunch. I was lucky, now I come over anyway, she says.

Swedes are not allowed to fly

But Swedes who have air tickets from Kastrup will not be allowed to fly.

“Swedes who have tickets to Kastrup air travel will not be admitted into Denmark, but returning Swedes who land at Kastrup will have the opportunity to return,” Rasmus Skovsgaard, head of police at the airport, told TT.

At Pepparholm, buses and passenger cars will also be waved aside from twelve o’clock. Non-Danes who do not have special reasons will be sent back to Sweden. Trucks, on the other hand, will have to pass, says Rasmus Skovsgaard.

“Will not enter via the bridge”

It’s a very special situation. All incoming passengers will be checked by the authorities and we expect that 140 flights will be safely arriving and around 9,000 passengers will be checked by police, says Kastrup security chief Johnnie Müller.

He says that everyone who lands at the airport will be taken aside to be checked by police. There, passengers will be given an account of their case in Denmark.

TT: What do you do with the Swedes landing at Kastrup?

The Swedes who land will have to come in if they are to continue to Sweden. Those who enter via the bridge will not be allowed in, but will be denied at the border there, says Müller.

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