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Danish borders

Prime Minister: Denmark’s Borders Will Close From 12 Noon Tomorrow

Danish borders

Danish borders will close at 12 o’clock tomorrow, and all or part of the air, ferry and train transport will be shut down to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Border checks will run through April 13.

This is stated by Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen (S) at a press conference.

You should expect to see the Armed Forces at the border. Of course, it is the police who are in charge, but the Defense will take part. Freight transport is not affected by border controls, she says.

We are on uninhabited land. We are in something that none of us have tried before. I’m sure we’ll get through this together. Right now I know that the overall catalog is very violent and will be very violent, but I am convinced that it is worth it, she continues.

Everyone without a worthy purpose is rejected

It will still be possible to transport food, medicines and necessary means for industrial production.

Everyone without a valid purpose will be rejected. However, Danish citizens will always enter the country.

Everyone without a worthy purpose in Denmark will be rejected. You can only travel to Denmark for a worthy purpose if, for example, you live or work here, says Justice Minister Nick Hekkerup (S).

The Minister of Justice emphasizes that a regular family visit will not be a reason to enter the country. Whoever is allowed to cross the border will be a definite assessment.

These will be people who live or work in Denmark. Those who have to deliver goods to Denmark. Those who must have goods from Denmark. Visiting seriously ill family members or an urgent reason to visit family in Denmark. A regular family visit is not appreciable, he adds.

State Police Chief Torkild Fogde recognizes that it is a big step that requires a lot of work.

We tighten the bag. It will be a big task to close the borders, but we can see that the amount of traffic is already declining, which helps us, he says.

Avoid all unnecessary travel

Earlier in the day, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs changed travel guides so that the whole world is now marked with orange.

This means that all unnecessary journeys are not advised.

The call is valid from today until 13 April.

The message to the Danes is both clear, simple and serious. You must not go out unless absolutely necessary. If you are already abroad, you should go home as soon as possible, says Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod (S).

The request applies to Danes who are vacationing abroad, but not to those who live permanently outside the country.

There are still a number of places and a number of countries where all travel is discouraged. Here the travel guide is ‘red’. It’s the step over orange.

Source: dr.dk

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