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Nearly half a million have died of coronavirus worldwide – but even more will die from its secondary effects


The world soon rounds a sad milestone. But the pandemic will lead to other serious health crises, says an expert.

Over ten million infected. Nearly 500,000 died. This is how the gloomy coronatal world is.

But what the numbers do not show is how many will die or suffer unnecessarily from other health crises in the wake of Covid-19.

And that’s not an insignificant number. Johns Hopkins University estimates that more than 1.2 million children under the age of five risk losing their lives .

That concern shares a professor of global health at the University of Copenhagen Flemming Konradsen.

He is particularly concerned about countries in Latin America, parts of Asia and Africa.

– Half a year ago, I would have said that achieving health goals in several countries in Africa has gone really well. Average age increases and child mortality declines. But I’m afraid that this can bomb health systems several years back, and then we lose tremendous success, he says.


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