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Around 300 Danes In India, Pakistan, Iraq And Colombia Remain Stranded


In India, Pakistan, Iraq and Colombia, about 300 Danes still have difficulty returning home due to corona.

Around 300 Danes continue to be stranded abroad, where, due to the outbreak of coronavirus, they have difficulty traveling home to Denmark.

This is stated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

During the corona crisis, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had a central account of the total number of cases of stranded Danes – the so-called crisis database.

But as more and more Danes have found their way back to Denmark, the number of cases has decreased.

And thus, the work has become more “normalized”, states the Foreign Ministry.

Most in India, Pakistan, Iraq and Colombia
That is, it is in the first place the Danish embassies and consulates around the world, which handles the tasks of helping stranded Danes.

Therefore, at present, only central statistics of stranded Danes in India, Pakistan, Iraq and Colombia are kept.

This is because in these countries there are still a large number of Danes who, due to locals restrictions or canceled flights can’t get home.

In these four countries, a total of about 300 stranded Danes are registered.

1,400 assisted home with special aircraft
In addition, the Foreign Ministry has knowledge of between 100 and 150 Danes who are stranded in other countries in the world.

But most of them have “great link to the country in which they reside, “the ministry said.

On March 25 – shortly after Denmark and several other countries began to close the borders – around 1,800 Danes were registered as living abroad.

The challenging situation of closed airports, canceled flights and closed borders meant that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had to assist with special aircraft.

By mid-April, the Danish authorities had helped almost 500 citizens home with Danish special aircraft – and over 900 Danes had been assisted on board other countries’ special aircraft.

Source: dr.dk

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