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Sweden's Foreign Minister

Sweden’s Foreign Minister: – Closed Borders Risk Creating Deep Wounds

Sweden's Foreign Minister

Den svenske utanriksministeren Ann Linde er bekymra for at det nordiske samarbeidet vert skada av koronatiltaka.

Closing the borders risks creating deep wounds, Sweden says its Foreign Minister Ann Linde (S) to the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

I’m worried about how long we want this hurt, says Ann Linde.

No, the Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs fears that Sweden will be held outside to create permanent wounds.

I am worried that Nordic co-operation will be adversely affected, especially in border areas, says Ann Linde to the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

In several regions there has been cooperation since the 1950s. All of a sudden there will be rivalries and harsh feelings between people where there is no border between us. I can feel a genuine concern about how it will be affected, says Linde.

Ho is particularly concerned about commuters, health co-operation and business in border areas that depend on open borders and travelers.


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