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Investigation: Prisoner escaped from prison in Køge


A 20-year-old man is taken off Friday night from Køge Arrest.

This is reported by the Central and West Zealand Police in a press release.

He escaped from the arrest at Kongsberg Allé at 04.13 at night until Friday, and police searched for him in the area in the aftermath. However, he did not find it.

This is Ziad Omar Alfarroukh, who was sentenced in January to five years unconditional imprisonment as well as expulsion of Denmark for permanent home robbery.

However, he has appealed that judgment, and he sat in custody while he waited for the national court to hear the case.

Ziad Omar Alfarroukh is not considered dangerous, according to the Central and West Zealand Police Communications Department.

This is not the first time the man has stepped down from the authorities. On a January day, shortly after receiving his home robbery conviction, he fled a police patrol in Kalundborg.

He was found that night in Kalundborg.

The fugitive is described by police as not ethnic Danish by appearance, 20 years old. He is thin in appearance, brown in skin and with black, short hair. He speaks Danish with accent.

Police are urging people who may have seen him, or who have other information, to contact police at telephone number 114.

According to a statement from the National Police, 254 people who were either arrested or taken into custody last year resigned from either police or prison officers.

The statement is from December 17, 2019 and does not apply to persons who were in custody or otherwise detained under the Immigration Act’s provisions.

Køge Arrest was built in 1977 and can accommodate 48 inmates in six departments.

The arrest is in the category of security class 2, which means that there is a particularly high level of security and a very restrictive access control on visits.

In 1996, the prison made headlines when an anti-armor rocket was fired against the prison’s facade, where Bandidos rocker Bjørn “Liller” Andersen was deployed.


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