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Ikea reopens Danish warehouses – customers stand in long queues


Ikea has on Monday reopened its five Danish stores. The police have been present to ensure good order.

Ikea’s five department stores in Denmark have reopened on Monday after being closed for about six weeks.

This morning, pictures show that some customers have already been to the various department stores to shop, for example, furniture or bedding.

According to Ikea’s Danish press department, one constantly keeps in mind that there are not too many customers in the department stores at the same time.

As an example, in the Taastrup department store there must be 3,500 customers at a time, says Christian Mouroux Pedersen, communications manager for Ikea Denmark.

That’s half of what the department store allowed at a time based on the government’s instructions that each customer should have at least four square feet available.

In continuation of that, I can say that we have never, ever had 3,500 customers at the same time in our department stores.

So we have a hard time believing that we’re going to blow that ceiling.

But regardless of course, we keep a close eye on how many customers are constantly in the various department stores, says Christian Mouroux Pedersen.

No meatballs in the restaurant

Not all departments in the five department stores have yet to reopen. For example, it is still not possible to eat in the department stores’ restaurants.

On Twitter, police say it was present at the reopening on Monday morning to make sure it was going well.

The West Bank police have also been to Ikea, but to ensure that the many customers comply with the authorities’ recommendations.

We are happy that everyone seems to understand the seriousness and keep away. We will continue our oversight and guidance as long as needed, Vestegnens Police writes on Twitter.

Source: www.dr.dk

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