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Stockholm Sees The Biggest Increase In Deaths – More Doctors And Nurses Admitted To Intensive Care


Half of the hospitalized coronas infected in Sweden are registered in the Swedish capital, which has now allocated half of the intensive care units.

124 people have died as a result of covid-19 in Stockholm. But the spread of the coronavirus now also affects the staff who are to save lives in what is called “a storm” by Swedish health authorities.

According to Clara Strömberg, a spokesman for doctors and academics employed at Södersjukhuset, three doctors and two nurses have been affected by coronavirus to an extent that required intensive care.

It feels very disturbing. We know that they have been in respiratory care, but that one of the doctors has recovered so much that he has to go back to a general ward, Clara Strömberg tells SVT.

Whether there are more than five of the staff at the hospitals in Stockholm, who are in fact infectious carriers, is not aware because they are not tested.

We should know how to protect against infection. But we do not know if they have been transmitted in private or on the job, says Clara Strömberg.

Patients run the risk of dying

The staff of the hospitals in Stockholm have in recent weeks criticized the authorities for not having sufficient protective equipment and protection available.

“If we continue without being adequately protected, we end up with our members becoming infected and patients at risk of dying,” says Sineva Riberiro, mayor of the Swedish Nurses Association.

On Tuesday, the coronary-related deaths for the time being peaked in Sweden with 34 new deaths. Thus, 180 people have died, the 124 alone in Stockholm, where 280 of the city’s 526 intensive care centers are now in use.

Especially in the Stockholm region, you probably start to feel the pressure, says TV 2’s journalist Jesper Zølck, who lives in Stockholm.

Work towards tripling capacity

On Monday, Bjørn Eriksson, who is director of health and hospital in Stockholm, marked himself by talking about a threatening infection picture.

The storm is growing in strength. We must work towards tripling our capacity in the near future, because we see no signs of slowing growth, ” Eriksson told Swedish Radio.

Nevertheless, there is no rush to hectic from the Swedish authorities.

The official Sweden is calm so far, says Jesper Zølck, at close quarters has observed how neighboring hinsidan has gone a different route than Denmark.

In Sweden, kindergartens, schools, churches, gyms, hairdressers and much more are still open.

The limit on how many people can meet has been lowered to 50 from 500, but people can still play football, meet for private gatherings or go to a café.

So far, the development in the number of dead and hospitalized in Sweden is roughly on a par with Denmark measured per capita.

The Swedish authorities are adamant that the curves for the spread of infection are far flatter than they have been seen in, for example, Italy and Spain.

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