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Homicide-accused little brother on Bornholm: The victim raped my mother


One of two brothers charged with the murder of a black man must remain in jail in the case. He denies racism.

A 28-year-old man was killed on Bornholm at the end of June .

Two brothers have admitted to having been behind the violence, and at a court hearing at the Court on Bornholm on Wednesday, it has emerged why the brothers exposed the man to the extensive violence.

Their mother had told them that the 28-year-old man had been sexually transgressive towards her and in one case he raped her.

At least the youngest of the brothers has explained this to the police.

The case has received a lot of attention on social media , where several have wondered if it was a racist motivated murder. Or whether the violence was further intensified because the murder victim had a mother from Tanzania and a father from Denmark.

The prosecution, the accused brothers and other witnesses have both rejected this .

– It had nothing to do with it, defender Asser Gregersen reads from an explanation that the youngest brother has given to the police.

That statement confirms the accused. After the brothers were told about the alleged assault on the mother, they wanted to give the 28-year-old “a lesson”, according to the explanation to the police.

Good friends with the victim

In particular, the eldest of the brothers was good friends with the 28-year-old, and they thus knew he would agree to drink beer with them that evening and night in June.

They invited him to a shelter in Nordskoven on Bornholm , where they beat him. But the violence went too far, the youngest brother has explained to police.

Early the next morning, the 28-year-old was found killed at the shelter site. It was the amount of violence he was subjected to that took his life, an autopsy report has previously established.

Police have asked the youngest brother if the 28-year-old’s ethnicity caused him to be subjected to more violence. But he has rejected it . It was only the alleged assault on the mother that came into play, he explained.

– It was solely because of it that he was exposed to the extensive violence, defender Asser Gregersen reads from the interrogation report.

Imprisonment is extended

On Wednesday, there is a court hearing because the brothers’ custody is expiring. The eldest has voluntarily chosen to extend his imprisonment by four weeks, but the youngest would be produced.

Judge Tine Rud has decided, however, that he too will continue to be imprisoned in the case for the next four weeks. Thus, a judge must again on 16 September decide whether the remand prison should be extended again.

The brothers have only admitted serious violence – and thus they reject that it was their intention that the 28-year-old should die.

They are also in custody for aggravated assault, and the judge will therefore know if that also indicates that this is what the brothers end up being prosecuted for.

– What we are wearing indicates that the indictment will be for manslaughter, says chief prosecutor Benthe Pedersen Lund.

In previous convictions for violence resulting in death, between three and six years’ imprisonment has been imposed. For murder, the starting point is 12 years, but one can be punished with imprisonment for life.

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