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Here you can get hot summer weather, even if the Mediterranean holidays are canceled


Both Germany and Norway offer delicious summer weather in July with many hours of sunshine and over 25 degrees.

While the Ministry of Foreign Affairs continues to advise against unnecessary travel to the Mediterranean countries, it has been announced that the travel guides to Germany, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Norway will be eased from 15 June.

This means that many Danes are planning summer holidays in our neighboring countries. And Germany in particular offers a lot of summer heat in July.

According to the so-called climate norm for Denmark, the temperature usually hits 19.8 degrees in the afternoon in July, while all the four selected German cities in the above graphics have over 23 degrees.

Frankfurt is warmest with 25.5 degrees. Munich is 200 kilometers further south, but as the city is located 500 meters above sea level, it is hardly as hot as Frankfurt.

It is now over 1 degree warmer than the “old” climate norm

The climate norm is a mean for a 30 year period and the latest official climate norm is for the period from 1961 to 1990. When 2020 is over, a new climate norm will come. For Denmark, 19.8 in the 1961-1990 climate norm has risen to 20.9 degrees in the period from 1981 to 2010, and the trend is still rising. We see the same trend in neighboring Denmark.


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