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Fighter Plane Crashed In The North Sea – Pilot Not Found

Fighter Plane

An American F-15 fighter jet has crashed in the North Sea, off North East England. A major rescue operation has been initiated.

The plane has crashed off the Flamborough Head peninsula in Yorkshire, northeast of England, Sky News writes. The cause of the accident is currently unclear.

A major rescue operation is underway and the pilot of the aircraft has so far not been found. The Coast Guard in Bridlington confirms to the British news channel that they are on site.

The US Air Force, the United States Air Force, has confirmed in a statement that the F-15 aircraft has crashed. It was on a routine training mission when the accident happened. There was one pilot on board.

“The cause of the accident and the pilot’s status is unknown at this time, and UK rescue teams have been asked to assist,” the US Air Force said in the statement.

The aircraft is part of the US Air Force’s 48th Fighter Wing, stationed at Lakenheath military base in Suffolk, east of England.

The British Coast Guard says in a statement that they have been informed that the plane went down 74 nautical miles off Flamborough Head. A helicopter and several boats are included in the search. There are also other vessels nearby that are participating in the search, writes AP.


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