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Festivals And Markets Are Canceled: Prohibitions on large congregations apply until August


Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen (S) has just announced at a press conference that the ban on large assemblies will be extended until August.

There will be no festivals and big markets this summer.

To all of you who have worked hard to plan festivals, markets and other big events over the summer, I unfortunately have a serious message. The ban on large assemblies is maintained until August, the press conference of the prime minister said.

At the press conference, Mette Frederiksen presented the first part of the government’s plan for a slow and gradual opening of Denmark.

Among other things, it will mean that children have to go back to daycare centers after Easter, and that the youngest classes up to fifth grade in schools will open again.

But it would not be an opening for larger congregations in the near future, was the announcement.

– I know it’s a slave’s message to get. You are many fiery souls who have worn and dragged to get these events on their feet. Events where Danes usually gather, rejoice and enjoy life, said Mette Frederiksen.

Will look at support schemes

At the same time, the prime minister said that the government will now look at whether the public support schemes that have been implemented in the context of the whole corona situation are also properly covering for events of this type.

Thus, according to the government, the gradual opening of the community begins after Easter. But according to the prime minister, it is important to emphasize that it will only succeed if the Danes generally comply with the guidelines of the authorities.

– This assumes that the figures are stable, that our behavior is responsible. Not just for a week, but for a long time to come. If we can see over Easter that things are moving, that we no longer take responsibility, then the message is very clear: Then we will not open Denmark again after Easter, she said.

Major events were first limited a month ago, March 6. Here it was in the form of a “recommendation” from the prime minister that cancels events with more than 1,000 people.

Since then it became a real ban and the limit on the number of people has since been lowered several times to now apply to congregations of more than ten people.

No Roskilde Festival

Thus, the ban means that, among other things, festivals are now canceled. In an email to everyone who has bought a ticket, Roskilde Festival writes that one is deeply unhappy about having to cancel this year’s festival.

– We feared it would happen. We have hoped that it would not end this way. But the risk of infection spreading is too great when so many people are gathered and that consideration is by far the most important thing, the email says.

It should have been the 50th edition of the big festival.

People who have purchased a ticket for the festival will be able to get the ticket refunded or have the ticket transferred to 2021.

In addition to Roskilde Festival, festivals such as Smukfest, Tinderbox, Northside and Heartland were also on the program during the period when the ban has now been extended.

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