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March 30, 2023
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England punished after the semifinal against Denmark

Laser lights, pipe concert during the national anthem and fireworks cost England a six-figure fine.

England has been fined 223,000 kroner after the European Championship semi-final against Denmark, the European Football Association (UEFA) informs.

They are being punished for all three offenses on which a disciplinary case was opened – all caused by the spectators.

  • Use of laser light against Danish players
  • Pipe concert and booing during the national anthem
  • Use of pyrotechnics

Symbolic action

The fact that this is a relatively small fine does not surprise TV 2 SPORT’s football editor.

– It is of course difficult to impose a penalty for acts like these, but a fine of that magnitude is just a symbolic act. It does not matter and it will somehow get a little miserable. But it does not come behind me, because that is how it always is, says Carsten Werge.

Now UEFA can say they have done something and acted on things. Instead, perhaps they should announce that if it repeats itself in the final at Wembley, then it will have consequences in the future in the next qualifiers. This is free.

‘All means are clearly permissible’

England won the semi-final 2-1 after extra time after a penalty kick that came to deal with the first matter.

When Harry Kane was about to kick the penalty kick, the Danish national team goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel shone in the face with a laser .

But already at the start of the extended playing time, Pierre-Emile Højbjerg made the referee aware that laser light was coming from the stands.

– There were several things that were not necessarily fair from the spectators. When there is a lot at stake, all means are clearly allowed, Jannik Vestergaard said after the match.

Schmeichel actually saved the penalty kick, but the return ball went straight to Kane, who secured England a place in the European Championship final for the first time in the nation’s history.

Before the match started, there was both a pipe concert and booing during ‘There is a lovely country’.

Criticism from Boris Johnson

That behavior caused several prominent English people to distance themselves from the fans’ behavior.

– We do not want fans to boo at the teams. We want fans to show support and respect, said the official spokesman for the Prime Minister of England, Boris Johnson, according to Sky Sports .

Also national team legend Gary Lineker went to the keys on Twitter:

– If you’re lucky enough to get a ticket to the final, please, please do not buhe the Italian national anthem.

– A) It is a magnificent copy of a song that is worth listening to. B) It is incredibly disrespectful, rude and completely classless.

On Sunday at 9 pm, England and Italy will meet in the European Championship final.

While 15 years have passed since the Italians’ latest trophy, England can quench 55 years of title thirst.

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