September 26, 2022
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After the crisis: Stefan Löfven becomes Sweden’s Prime Minister once again

The leader of the Swedish Social Democrats, Stefan Löfven, will once again become Sweden’s Prime Minister.

It is clear after a vote in the Riksdag earlier today, where Löfven managed to avoid a majority against him.

Today’s vote did not require a majority for Löfven as Prime Minister, but simply that there was no majority against him. 173 of 349 members voted against.

Thus, the Social Democratic leader can resume the post of Prime Minister of Sweden, after he resigned at the end of June as a result of a defeat in a no-confidence vote in the Swedish parliament .

Already on Friday, Stefan Löfven is expected to present his new team of ministers.

Sweden has recently been in a serious government crisis.

In June, Stefan Löfven and his government were overthrown by a no-confidence vote after a dispute arose over the regulation of Swedish rent prices.

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