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These Are The New Party Rules In Norway


From 15 June you can rent a public place as a private person and arrange a party for up to 200 people. If you want to have your party at home, the maximum number is still 20 participants.

The new guidelines were presented at a press conference on Friday.

If you are planning to arrange a party in the near future, the most important change is that more can be gathered. But what is considered a public place, and who can be the organizer?

Public place
For events in a public place, up to June 15, there can be up to 200 people in total. The condition is that it is a responsible organizer, writes the Directorate of Health.

– This means that from 15 June a private person can rent a branch house and be the responsible organizer for 200 people – provided he or she complies with the requirements of the regulations, says press officer Birgitte Bøen in the Directorate of Health.

Among the requirements are:

1 meter distance.
No sick person can meet.
Possibility of good hand hygiene.
Overview of who is present.
Information for participants.
Assists with infection detection.
Follows relevant infection control standards.
The organizer shall have an overview of who is present in order to assist the municipality in the event of any subsequent infection detection pursuant to § 3–6 of the Prevention of Infections Act.

If, in order to be found back to the participants, it is necessary to record a separate record of those present with contact information, the record shall be kept in a proper manner and deleted after 10 days. The organizer shall inform those present if a separate record is recorded,

By public place is meant a place intended for public transport or a place where the public travels. The same applies to events in premises and outdoor areas that are rented or lent.

Public places include:

Conference halls.

If the party is in a private place, the rule of up to 20 people still applies. And there must be at least one meter between guests who do not belong to the same household.

So you can’t arrange a party at home with over 20 people, no matter how big a house you have. You also can’t arrange a party in the garden with over 20 people.

Responsible organizer
If a private person rents a room, he or she can be the responsible organizer, the Norwegian Directorate of Health informs NRK.

You can also rent a place where the landlord stands as organizer.

“The most important thing is to have a responsible organizer whom the police and health authorities can relate to and who will be able to handle the task. This can be the tenant or landlord. ”


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