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Uganda’s ambassador to Denmark sent home: Agreed fraud at Zoom meeting

A recording posted on social media allegedly deals with the ambassador’s agreement fraud with state funds.

The Ugandan embassy at a fashionable address in Hellerup north of Copenhagen has been hit by a regular scandal case .

The ambassador, Nimisha Madhvani, her deputy commander and two other employees of the embassy have been called home to Uganda after suspicions have been raised that they have tried to defraud with state funds.

It writes several local media in Uganda just as the international news agency AFP has also covered the case.

The case came to light when the Ugandan media Daily Monitor on Monday came into possession of a recording from a meeting via Zoom.

‘They should be kept in the safe’

Here, the diplomats were supposed to have agreed to put unused state funds in their own pockets. DR News has also heard the recording. The recording can be heard here , among other things .

– Let’s share the money one day. They should be stored in a safe before the auditors arrive, according to the ambassador’s deputy commander.

On Monday, Uganda’s Foreign Ministry issued a press release saying they were investigating the case.

– The officials involved have been called back to the ministry’s headquarters while the case is being investigated, the press release reads, among other things .

DR News has been in contact with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a comment on the case. We have asked about how Denmark is assisting with the investigation of the case and what the case means for the diplomatic relations between Denmark and Uganda.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs writes briefly in an email via its press department.

– The Ministry of Foreign Affairs can confirm that Ugandan diplomats to Denmark have been recalled. The ambassador was already in Uganda. For more information, see the press release from the Ugandan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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