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Danish F-16

Emergency has sent Danish F-16 aircraft on the wings

Danish F-16
A serious situation has required that several Danish F-16 aircraft at noon had to fly at unusually high speeds.
At noon, several Danish F-16 aircraft flew at extremely high speed up through Jutland due to an emergency.

This is stated by the Defense Operations Center.

– There was a serious reason why they had to fly fast, says the officer on duty at the Defense Operations Center, who can not elaborate further.

It is thus unknown what the “emergency” in question consists of.

At the same time as the Danish F-16 planes flew north over Jutland, a plane from the company Ryanair landed at Gardermoen airport outside Oslo after receiving a bomb threat.

Whether it is this incident that has got the Danish F-16 aircraft on the wings, the Defense Operations Center does not want to confirm or deny.

On Twitter, Norwegian police write:

– The aircraft has landed safely on the runway. The situation is unresolved. We are on our way with great forces.

The F-16 planes broke the sound barrier on the trip up through Jutland, which caused loud bangs.

Source: jyllands-posten.dk

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