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Danish fighter jets

Danish fighter jets escorted bomb-threatened Ryanair aircraft to Oslo

Danish fighter jets

A plane from Ryanair has landed at Oslo Airport. It must have received a bomb threat, Norwegian police say. According to Norwegian media, a 51-year-old British man has now been arrested

A passenger plane from Ryanair has received a bomb threat while it was in the air. Norwegian police write on Twitter.

The plane landed at Oslo Airport.

»The plane has landed safely on the runway. The situation is unresolved. We are on our way with large forces, “writes the Police in the East on Twitter.

Cathrine Framholt, press officer at Avinor, which operates airports and airports in Norway, confirms to Norwegian VG that there is a full response to the airport and that there is an increased emergency situation.

According to VG, Cathrine Framholt states that all passengers have left the plane, but that it has not yet been confirmed exactly how many passengers were on board.

The Ryanair plane took off from Stansted Airport in London at 09.40 and was scheduled to land in Oslo at 12.40.

Ryanair confirms to VG that the crew found a note during the trip stating that there was a possible security threat to the plane. Both VG and NRK write that Norwegian police have now arrested a 51-year-old British man in the case.

According to operations manager at Oslo Police Sven Christian Lie, the police, in addition to emergency personnel, have sent “crisis and hostage dealers” to the airport. It writes VG.

Both the Danish and Norwegian defense now confirm that Danish F-16 aircraft assisted the Ryanair aircraft in the air.

“The Danish planes were the ones that were closest, so therefore they were the ones who escorted the plane to Oslo,” Elise Eikeland, spokesperson from the Norwegian Armed Forces’ Operational Headquarters, explains to Jyllands-Posten.

In a tweet, the Danish Armed Forces also confirms the role of the Danish fighter aircraft in the action.

»F-16 aircraft from the Armed Forces have assisted in connection with a bomb threat on a Ryanair aircraft that flew from Stansted to Oslo. The Danish F-16 aircraft have landed in Norway to refuel before flying back to Denmark, «it reads.

According to the British BBC , this is the second time this week that a Ryanair plane has been hit by a bomb threat. On a plane from Krakow to Dublin, a note was also found on the plane’s toilet on Tuesday, which stated that there was explosives on the plane.

The plane was therefore forced to land in Stansted after being escorted by two fighter jets from the British Air Force.

No explosives were subsequently found on the plane, but two men have now been arrested in the case.

Source: jyllands-posten.dk

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