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Woman suspected of sending poisoned letter to Trump arrested

Donald Trump fires his defense secretary

Woman suspected of sending poisoned letter to Trump arrested

Acting US President Donald Trump has chosen to fire Defense Secretary Mark Esper six days after the election

First, smoke the election. Now the Minister of Defense is smoking.

The US president, who is due to be replaced by Joe Biden on January 20, has on Monday chosen to fire his defense minister.

It writes Donald Trump on Twitter. The reason for the dismissal is not elaborated by the president, who simply writes that his successor will be Christopher C. Miller. He takes over immediately.

But he should not settle too well in the Pentagon. On January 20, Joe Biden takes over the presidency, and then Christopher C. Miller has to pack his things again and leave the post of Secretary of Defense. Thus, he only gets a little over two months in the job.

Miller has so far been director of the U.S. Government’s Center for Terrorism.

Taken over after trouble
Mark Esper took over from Jim Mattis in December 2018, after he was fired due to political disagreements with the president.

Mark Esper has also had his fights with Donald Trump, and the now former defense minister was hardly the first one the president called for Thanksgiving.

The relationship went awry when Mark Esper refused to deploy active soldiers on American soil in connection with the riots after George Floyd’s death.

Donald Trump wanted to activate the so-called ‘Insurrection Act of 1807’, which allows this, but the Secretary of Defense refused.

It is identified as the cause of the firing, according to the New York Times.

Source: ekstrabladet.dk

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