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Roskilde Festival

Roskilde Festival Breaks Record: The Tickets Ripped Away

Roskilde Festival

There are no more tickets for the entire Roskilde Festival and only a limited amount of one-day tickets left.

Roskilde Festival has sold out tickets for the entire festival – the so-called partout tickets – informs the festival. It is the fastest ticket sale in the history of the festival.

Thus, 80,000 tickets to attend the entire festival have been sold. So far, the festival was the record for fastest sales in 1996. It was sold out from April 29th.

Roskilde Festival has this year’s 50th anniversary and has names like Taylor Swift, Thomas Helmig, Kendrick Lamar and Haim as its main names. In addition, Danish Jada opens the festival’s biggest scene, Orange Scene.

Want to see indie rock trio Haim at Roskilde Festival this summer? Listen to ‘Now I’m In It’ as you read on:

Spokeswoman for the festival Christina Bilde calls it in a press release ‘fantastic’ that the festival can announce sold out fast ahead of festival number 50.

80,000 attendees have chosen the full experience of music, art, activism and community through eight more days, which means that we expect to donate a million for charity after the festival.
The festivals are ready with programs faster

The record-breaking sales don’t come as a big surprise to P3 host Pelle Peter Jencel, because Roskilde Festival announced its full program last week.

But he points out that, like all other festivals, Roskilde Festival is announcing their programs sooner than they did before.

Competition has increased between the festivals, because several major festivals have been competing for the same foreign main names – not only in Denmark, but also abroad. That’s why the festivals get their names in place faster than before, and it also speeds up ticket sales because they’re quicker with the overall program, which is to a large extent what sells the tickets, he says.
Criticism of the Roskilde program

Otherwise, Roskilde Festival’s full music program shared the waters when it was published. Some called it ‘dull’ and ‘the worst program’ on social media, but it apparently has no effect on ticket sales. Neither does it get to the back of the P3 host.

In all the 19 years that I have been to Roskilde, the program has been criticized. This is mainly due to the fact that Roskilde Festival presents several exploratory names and that there are some who would rather have the more well-known bands. I think it is an excellent and broad program with important names like Kendrick Lamar and a subset of Danish exciting names such as Ganger, Tessa and Av av av, says Pelle Peter Jencel.
Single-day tickets are still on sale

It is still possible to buy tickets for the individual days. The festival writes that it also expects to sell out here, but that it has not happened yet.

While tickets for the full program are sold out, Roskilde Festival warns that ticket sales may be fraudulent when sold from unofficial channels such as Viagogo.

If tickets are stolen or lost, ticket numbers can be invalidated. In this way, scammers can try to sell tickets that are, in effect, invalid, writes Roskilde Festival.

Roskilde Festival

Source: dr.dk

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