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Magnus Heunicke

Denmark Minister of Health Magnus Heunicke warns of new coronary restrictions

Magnus Heunicke

Further restrictions in society can soon be expected due to the development of corona infection in Denmark. This is what Minister of Health Magnus Heunicke (S) says.

– I warn that there may well be more restrictions on the table in the near future, says Heunicke.

– My message now is that the increase we have seen in recent days in Denmark and last week and a half in Europe, it is a real second wave. That is why it is right now that we all need to keep our distance, get drunk and all this, says Heunicke.

The assembly ban may be tightened and more use of bandages may come into play.

– It is the restrictions that we know that we know work. That is why we need to look again at the assembly ban, where today we have a limit of 50, says Heunicke.

Source: dr.dk

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